Xanthium 12

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Price: Xanthium 12
Size: 100 tablets

Xanthium 12 is an excellent Chinese herbal formula for allergies. Also called Kang Xie Qi Pian, Xanthium 12 is said, in Chinese medical terms, to clears heat, dispel wind, tonify Qi, and regulate fluids.

In our terms, Xanthium 12 is a formula for allergies.

Allergies are very common in companion animals. Allergies in animals includes:

  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Reverse Sneezing in dogs
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) in dogs and cats
  • Pyoderma
  • Skin Rashes
  • Itchy skin

Xanthium 12 works a bit like an antihistamine; it removes the symptoms from the body. It does not remove the underlying allergy. Other therapies are needed to help remove the tendency to develop allergies.

    Xanthium 12 is based on modern Chinese research into individual herbs and complex formulas for treating allergies.

    These herbs have been shown to inhibit at least one part of the cascade of events that leads to the common allergy symptoms for example, many of them inhibit excessive secretion of histamine. Unlike antihistamine drugs, these herbs do not cause drowsiness.

    The particular formula was based primarily on treatments that were tried clinically for allergic support the upper respiratory system, which rely on xanthium, siler, mume, and licorice. The formula has been used in the US for 15 years and is not reported to cause adverse reactions.

    Xanthium 12 includes herbs that clear heat (sophora, bupleurum, scute, moutan) herbs that tonify and astringe (ginseng, licorice, mume, schizandra) and herbs that dispel wind (xanthium, centipeda, cynanchum, and siler).

    Allergies can be so severe that this formula alone will not provide enough relief. Pharmaceutical may be needed for difficult cases. Xanthium 12, when given in addition to traditional drug therapies, can reduce the need for antihistamines, antibiotics, and steroids. Even in the most severe cases, allergic reactions might be calmed by tonifying deficiencies and clearing excesses that are underlying constitutional problems.

    Xanthium 12 can help in accomplishing this.

    • Allergic conditions
    • Atopic dermatitis
    • Reverse Sneeze
    • Sneezing
    • Thin nasal discharge


    • 1-25 lbs=1 tablet twice daily
    • 25-50 lbs=2 tablets twice daily
    • 50-100 lbs=3-4 tablets twice daily
    • Tablets can be crushed and mixed with food


    • 1/2 tablet twice daily, start slowly with a tiny amount to allow your cat to get used to the taste
    • Ok to crush tablet and mix with food


    • Crush tablets and mix into soft foods at 1/32 tsp for each 200 gram body weight
    One tablet contains:
    Xanthium (Cang Er Zi ) 13%
    Flavescens (Ku Shen Sophora) 12%
    Bupleurum (Chai Hu) 9%
    Centipeda Herb (E Bu Shi Cao, Shi Hu Sui) 9%
    Scutellaria (Huang Qin) 9%
    Stauntoni (Bai Qian Cynanchum) 9%
    Silar (Fang Feng) 8%
    Mume (Wu Mei) 8%
    Ginseng (Ren Shen) 6%
    Licorice (Gan Cao) 6%
    Moutan (Mu Dan Pi (Su)) 6%
    Schizandra (Wu Wei Zu) 5%