Milk Thistle Seed (Organic)

Price: Milk Thistle Seed (Organic)
Size: 1 lb

Milk Thistle seed, Silybum marianum, is an excellent source of all of the healing properties of the herb Milk Thistle (the seeds, the root and the rest of the plant can also be used). The seeds are especially helpful for birds, as they will readily eat them. Birds develop liver disease commonly and since it is easy to feed them to birds, it is an excellent way to help heal birds that have liver disease.

You can also feed Milk Thistle seeds prophylactically to help prevent liver disease and a variety of other disorders since Milk Thistle has powerful antioxidants that maintain over all health.

Milk Thistle has been widely studied and scientifically proven to be:

  1. Hepatoprotective-this means it helps protect the liver form damage
  2. Hepatorestorative-this means it helps heal liver cells
  3. Provides essential oils
  4. Contains valuable trace minerals
  5. Has Betaine (Trimethyglycine), a powerful glutathione regenerator
    1. Glutathione is the body's primary antioxidant, its depletion is common during disease. Providing additional glutathione by adding Betaine is one way to heal the body's diseased tissues.
  6. Milk Thistle is very effective in treating liver cirrhosis

There are many uses for Milk Thistle Seeds, including

  1. Chronic Liver disease
  2. Acute Hepatitis
  3. Viral Hepatitis
  4. Liver poisonings (including; see our article on aflatoxins)
  5. Lead and Zinc poisoning
  6. Inflammatory cardiac (Heart) diseases
  7. Kidney disease
  8. Immune modulation
  9. Antioxidation
  10. Delays the onset and severity of diabetes
  11. Effective for pancreatitits
  12. Liver cirrhosis