HypoThyroid Chinese Herbal Support™


Price: HypoThyroid Chinese Herbal Support™
Size: 100 capsules (O/S)

Dogs commonly develop hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone). It is often treated with a synthetic thyroid hormone called levothyroxine. This therapy is often essential for hypothyroid dogs.

Hypothyroid Chinese Herbal Support is intended to be used in early stages of the disease when the thyroid gland is still producing low but adequate levels of thyroid hormone.

There are many natural supplements offered to treat hypothyroidism. They often claim to heal the thyroid gland, allowing it to produce a normal level of thyroid hormone. They may, initially, make your dog feel or look better, but they are not addressing the underlying issue, a low level of thyroid hormone. It is common that supplements, even those not addressing hypothyroidism will make a dog act better, look better, or have more energy. Simply seeing you dog act better does not mean the supplement is helping elevate thyroid hormone levels. Once the thyroid gland is diseased, the only way to know if a supplement is helping your dog is to have it tested for thyroid hormone levels before and after the product is used.

Hypothyroidism is less common in cats, birds, and ferrets; however this formula can be used in a them as well

Low thyroid levels produce severe, unseen, life-threatening problems that do not manifest themselves until you dog becomes seriously ill. Work with a veterinarian and make sure that your dog's thyroid hormone levels are at an acceptable level.

This Chinese herbal formula is intended to be used in early stages of the disease when the thyroid gland is still producing low but adequate levels of thyroid hormone. It is not intended for use in the later stages of the disease, when thyroid supplements are needed to elevate blood levels of thyroid hormone to acceptable levels. Hypothyroid Support Chinese Herbal Support can delay the progression of hypothyroidism.

    Symptoms of hypothyroidism include a depressed animal that can be mentally dull. Other symptoms might include a cold, heat intolerant animal. The coat can be dull, matted, dry and flacky. These symptoms in Chinese Herbal Medicine indicate a Yin deficient animal that often has a Kidney Yin Deficiency. There may be a blood deficiency and a Spleen Qi and Yin deficiency as well.

    This formula addresses all of these TCM Patterns.

    For use in dogs that are developing hypothyroidism, but not yet in the end stages of the disease when blood test show extremely low on no thyroid hormone levels. We hope that this formula will delay the progression of the disease.

    We like to use this formula when your veterinarian mentions that blood tests are showing a lower thyroid hormone level than they would like to see. Blood tests do not always give us reliable information until the thyroid gland has failed, so also look at the symptoms common to this disease to help you become suspicious.

    Some symptoms of the disease include:

    • Mental and or physical dullness; dogs that go from being puppies to "old" too soon
    • Rough coat, dull coat; you are having trouble keeping their coats looking good
    • A dull, depressed and lethargic dog
    • Overweight condition, dogs that have trouble maintaining their weight on a normal amount of food
    • Reproductive issues in otherwise healthy dogs
    • Frequent bouts of diarrhea, followed by constipation
    • Elevated cholesterol levels


    • 1 capsule for each 20 lbs body weight twice daily
    • 1/4 tsp for each 20 lbs body weight twice daily.


    • 1/2 capsule twice daily
    • 1/4 tsp twice daily.


    • "salt foods that are well consumed twice daily. perhaps 1/32 tsp twice daily


    • 1/4 capsule twice daily


    • Powder or salt on well consumed foods

    A proprietary blend of:

    Astragalus, Bupleurum, Cyperus, Codonopsis, Dioscorea, Ho-Shou-Wu, Laminaria, Prunella, Peony, Rehmannia Cooked, Sargassum