Cystitis and Dissolve Crystal Formula™

Price: Cystitis and Dissolve Crystal Formula™
Size: 100 capsules

Cystitis and Dissolve Crystal Formula©


This formula is a modification of Traditional Chinese Herbal formulas that are designed to treat acute and chronic cystitis, help keep crystals from forming into stones, and soothe and heal the bladder wall.

The formula is designed for both cats and dogs.

This formula has not been scientifically tested, but according to Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, the formula includes herbs that might be anti-inflammatory to the bladder wall, herbs that help heal the bladder wall, herbs that are antimicrobial and herbs that dissolve crystals and may even help dissolve stones.

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  1. Cystitis and Dissolve Crystal Formula
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  3. L-Methionine
  4. Arthroplex

Cats commonly have acute and chronic cystitis (Feline Urological Syndrome, Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease). It is not known why cats develop cystitis. Most cats that have this disorder do not have bacteria in their urine (80% of the cases are "sterile" meaning they culture negative for bacteria). Since antibiotics won't help most cats, therapy relies on diet modification to alter the urine pH, lowering the amount of minerals in the diet that create the crystals and stones that complicate the problem, and using drugs that decrease inflammation in the bladder. We recommend using this formula to supplement Western veterinary therapies. For chronic cases, it may work along with diet modification (see our Struvite Stone Diet and our Oxalate Stone Diet), and other herbs and nutraceuticals.

Dogs usually have bacterial cystitis. Antibiotic therapy is often indicated for dogs. This formula should help heal the cystitis more rapidly, when used with antibiotics. Dogs also have stones and crystals in the bladder and at times in the kidneys. Kidney stones should be removed surgically if possible. Most bladder stones should have surgery to remove them as well. This formula can be considered to help keep stones from returning following surgery.


    1/2 capsule placed into food twice daily (start with much less and work up to the full dose to allow your cat to become used to the taste)


    1 capsule for each 25 pounds of body weight, given twice daily, and placed into food or given directly into the mouth

    Each 500 mg capsule contains the following herbs

    • Alisma
    • Bulrush
    • Coptis
    • Desmodium
    • Dianthus
    • Gardenia
    • Imperata
    • Lonicera
    • Licorice
    • Milettia
    • Notoginseng
    • Peony