Leaky Gut Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

David McCluggage, D.V.M., C.V.A.

Leaky Gut Syndrome is a condition in which food allergies cause intestinal permeability defects, chronic diarrhea, food sensitivity and generalized allergies.

If your dog, cat or bird has symptoms, we recommend a phone consult. Dr. McCluggage has lectured widely on this topic and treated many cases of chronic diarrhea and intestinal permeability defects with good success.

Until this article is complete, please refer to our articles on chronic diarrhea for more information. For diarrhea in dogs, click here. For diarrhea in cats, click here. Also, look in the "Products" page, (click here) under products for diarrhea.

General Products to help your animal with Leaky Gut syndrome (increased intestinal permeability) include:

  1. Gastriplex
  2. UltraClear Plus (perhaps the single best product)
  3. Paraguard
  4. Multi-Probiotic 40 Billion
  5. EPA/DHA