David McCluggage, D.V.M., C.V.A.

Lactoferrin seems to have immune modulating and antibacterial properties.

Lactoferrin binds iron necessary for bacterial growth. It is effective in controlling feline stomatitis1. Lactoferrin is a whey protein usually derived from dairy milk, and is typically dosed at 50 mg/kg, or simply powdered on foods.

Dog, Ferret and Cat Dosage/Usage:

Lactoferrins can be used for gingivitis, stomatitis, and as a part of a routine tooth brushing routine. You can make a toothpaste by adding water or Aloe Vera to a small amount of lactoferrin and applying with finger and cheese cloth or by using a toothbrush.

1.Bellamy W. Takase M. Wakabayashi H. Kawase K Tomita M. Antibacterial spectrum of lactoferricin B, a potent bactericidal peptide derived from the N_terminal region of bovine lactoferrin. J Appl Bacteriol, Dec;73(6):472_9, 1992.