Megacolon, Obstipation and Constipation in Cats

David McCluggage, D.V.M., C.V.A.

Megacolon is a serious disease in older cats. The large intestine becomes dilated and flacid, the passing of stools becomes sluggish, and your cat becomes constipated. Eventually your cat can no longer pass stools, which is, of course, life threatening.

Drug therapy includes the use of Cisapride, a drug that forces the large intestinal muscles to contract harder. This can help pass stools, but over time, this drug will cause more dilation and flacidity of the colon, speading up the disease process.

Before Cisapride is used, we recommend a number of other therapies.

  • Acupuncture and manual therapy (chiropractic adjustments)are often remarkably helpful.
  • Diet modification: feed your cat a raw food diet, or at least a home cooked diet consisting mostly of meat. These diets will produce far less stool, and the colon has far less effort in passing the stool.
  • Supplements:
  • Apprict Seed and Linum, a Chinese herbal product

    Colon Formula, a nutraceutical and herbal supplement that contains herbs to gently encourage the colon to pass stool

    Digestive enzyme support, try Similase

    Add fiber to the diet, consider Medibulk

  • Low Level Laser Therapy
  • Homeopathy
  • Cats with severe constipation and megacolon might benefit from a combined diet and supplement approach that we can offer during a Phone Consult.