Power Mushrooms

Price: Power Mushrooms
Size: 90 tablets
This product is excellent for immune stimulation when needed over extended periods of time. It is extremely nontoxic, making it a very safe supplement for use in a variety of species.

Therapeutic Actions
Enhances immune functions
Provides anti-tumor activity
Promotes digestion and boosts energy
Relieves chronic inflammation associated with injury or autoimmune disease
    Power Mushrooms is a combination of five mushrooms known to have immune system regulating functions. Studies on Ganoderma (Ling Zhi) have shown it to regulate immune functions and coronary and cerebral blood flow, reduce blood lipid levels, protect the liver from toxic chemical damage, and treat liver disease. Shiitake is used in Japan to treat tumors and immune deficiency. Polyporus (Zhu Ling) is used in China as an anti-inflammatory in kidney diseases and as a source of tumor-inhibiting polysaccharides. Tremella (Bai Mu ER) contains tumor- and ulcer-inhibiting polysaccharides. Poria (Fu Ling) is a digestive aid and mild sedative. Taken together, the mushrooms in this formula act as an effective Qi tonic.

    Clinical Notes:

    1. Many mushrooms have immune-regulating properties that promote proper immune system function. In Japan, ganoderma extracts are used to treat cancer, for which stronger immune effects are required. The same extracts are used to treat myasthenia gravis, where inappropriate immune attacks are made against peripheral nerves.

    2. Consider using Power Mushrooms when there is inflammation after an injury.

    3. The mushrooms in Power Mushrooms do not generally cause problems in conditions attributed to Candida, but their use should be monitored.

    WellVet.com has been using Power Mushrooms with great success for years. Mushrooms, in general, have a flavor that is well accepted by all species. For dogs, it can be simply given hidden in treats, such as soft cheeses. For smaller animals, we commonly recommend that you grind the pills up into powder (coffee bean grinders work well) and add to food.
    Traditional Chinese Medical Indications:
    Tonifies Qi
    Tonifies Yin
    Benefits Stomach, Spleen, Lungs, Kidneys
    Mildly Promotes Urine and water loss
    Contraindications: May induce loose stool or facial flushing. If these conditions persist, discontinue use of the formula.
    1 tablet for each 25 pounds of body weight, placed in food twice daily

    1/2 tablet, crushed and placed in food 1-2 times daily

    Crush tablet and add a small pinch to soft foods
    1 small pinch for each 100 grams, up to 1/16 teaspoon for large birds

    1/8 tablet 1-2 times daily

    Ganoderma (Rei Shi)
    Ling Zhi
    Shiitake (Lentinin)
    Bai Mu Er
    Fu Ling
    Zhu Ling

    650 mg