About WellVet.com


Our Philosophy: Wellvet.com was founded as a site to educate companion animal owners. We want to educate you about how to feed, house, love, and nurture your companion animal. This site has been created to be a book on-line, with multiple ways to access the information depending on how you are analyzing a problem or concern.

We are information and discussion oriented. The products we sell are offered as an aid in healing animals; they offer high quality products specific to the disorder we address in the articles, but we do not claim that they are the only products that might work.

This site discusses disorders or diseases with information on how to treat the disorder. Most of the ways to address your companion's problem(s) are NOT through buying this or that product. Healing is about dealing with all aspects of life: diet, exercise, physical therapy, spiritual health, and nurturing.

We believe that total health employs both Conventional Western Medicine and Alternative or Holistic Healing. We do not provide in-depth discussions about Western Medical Therapies on this web site because of our goal to educate people about holistic therapies.

This site was first created by Dr. Dave McCluggage. Dr. Dave has a private practice where he uses acupuncture, chiropractic medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, Western herbal medicine, nutraceutical and functional medicine, and Conventional Western veterinary medicine.